Friday, May 23, 2008

Thief Is Caught:God Calls 4 Nation Wide Healing 2 Begin In East St.Louis Over Race Roits Of July 2th 1917. Repentance Is The First Step! Heal EST.2008

Rejoice for East St. Louis,and come experience Gods great healing. All whom have acknowledge that Fear, Racism and hatred; has led to the sins of murder, slavery, death,wars and great sorrow.We Invite you to do a little soul searching and receive your freedom from these strong holds.God is calling this nation to repent of these sins and experiencing his great outpouring of healing and restoration!If the thief be caught,"Which he has in this nation" he must restore seven folds and all the substance of his household.East ST.Louis is at the top of Gods list!Proverb 6:30

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