Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hip Hope Project: The Freedom And Liberty Weekly Lighthouse Inspiration Report For 9/7/08 to 9/14/08.In Honor Of Dede Farrells Endless Freedom Works

The lighthouse within: Good morning to all freedom and liberty lovers "I hope all is well" Do you ever wonder if your freedom and liberty works makes a difference? If this is you I know how it be! My answer to you is yes your work does make a difference. You say how? "Well" open your eyes from within. Never over look the simple truth of your purpose. Simply understanding that you possess the keys and switch to your lighthouse. The truth,freedom,liberty and justice "it's all within" Evertime you share the truth of our God given rights of freedom,liberty justice or any other goodness, you turn on your lighthouse. So don't feel that you have to take on the whole worlds burden.Just remember every time you share your goodness in love, people will experience your lighthouse affect! Where ever the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty!Have a fun and bright week

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