Monday, December 15, 2008


Good morning and season greetings dear friends! What a wonderful blessed morning it is for us! May our Sunday’s rejoicing overflow unto our week! Friends the power of Gods is so strong and will continue to increase on us this week! This weeks word is power! For God gives us power to tread down the enemy. Our father will increases us to prosper in all of his goodness. By no means shall any of the power of the enemy hurt you! As I’m writing this good word to you, the power of God is so strong because of his love for us! Family always remember how much God love you! Family whatever opposition you may be facing “just thank God” for his power that brings you victory and supplies all of our needs! Our heart is always with you and the fight for our victory! We are family so whatever the heavenly father has done for one he will do for all! So family get your breakthrough and pass some of it our way! We love and stand always with you! Have a powerful week!

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