Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Freedom Blues with AnnieCanada & Freesouljah

A veteran of the rock-blues-hip-jazz scene in Seattle for many years, Ralph Buckley has emerged as one of the leading lights in this freedom-liberty musical vision that's manifesting very powerfully on a global scale.

Ralph has a BIG heart and a very caring-loving soul. He is available to help mentor anyone who would like to learn how to create these music videos.

In the sidebar to this video, which was just uploaded to the net yesterday, Ralph wrote:

freedom blues...
yes indeed...welcome to the next act in "The blues explosion of Freedom"...H0ly shit have we got a show 4 u this time...yep we've got some company here in the house of Conkling...! I can't begin to tell U how good it is 2 b sharing a groove with such cool folk...! AnnieCanada & Freesouljah, they be makin' this thing happen....4 REAL...! and what better reason to bring people & song together...then 'FREEDOM'!!
More then ever I believe that we are beginning to witness a real change in consciousness. I mean lets face it...we better get it together real quick man. If the current trend continues on...then we're doomed. You know it...& I know it, but it seems like it's such an impossibility to fight against the system. The status quo of the 'have's' and the 'have nots' is firmly imprinted upon our society. But if we open our minds and hearts, just a little could be coming to us from a celestial source. Mother Earth is very much alive...she is a 'living being'... & we are all about to go through some heavy changes. We are all made up of the same stardust man...why should you & I be any different from the moon, stars & the sun? __________
There are many levels of 'freedom' just has there are many levels of 'slavery' all ties together in the higher consciousness or so I believe.

Click here to continue reading Ralph's commentary.

Hip Hope And The Hand Of Freedom

Ralph was born under the sign of Leo (356). In this video at exactly 3:56 (Leo) min/sec his hand manifests holding onto 2-3 rubber balls.

The Human Hand seems to be a recurring symbol behind this project. I/we will be sharing more about the importance of the metaphor of the hand to this message of freedom and liberty. God is truly showing us His hand in this great calling forth toward this New Day of Hope, Light, Truth, Love and Peace that is dawning in our world. Stayed tuned to see this powerful vision of the hand unfold in all of it's incredible simplicity and wonder!

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