Sunday, February 24, 2008


Now faith is the substance of thing hoped for the evidence of things not seen! We come together to agree that God will show us great and mighty things concerning the of hip hope project. In this agreement we expect, anticipate with great pleasure and confidence that the hip hope project will infuse a glorious, powerful and uplifting everlasting change. We look forward with great assurance that this hope is for all people. We accept that hope has no color or boundaries but only to do with the unseen future in the anticipation of good. We agree to allow our father God to manifest his hope of glory through us and is the object in which we acknowledge that hope come and is fix on. We acknowledge there is no doubt in hope but it is a working power in God through us in itself. We agree that hope is the answer that takes one higher and is the anchor of the soul (mind will &emotions) and gives us the staying power in the midst of the storms of life. We accept this hope as a purifying power and everyone that receives it has received on himself a anointing that purifies himself. We take our part in allowing hope to express its completeness of its activity in our mind, will and emotions. With this agreement we expect great and mighty things! We now agree as one, touching this project, these things shall be.

In Jesus Name

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