Monday, October 27, 2008

Osama Bin Laden can be on your ballot

By Orly Taitz

Many of you know that attorney Phil Berg is filling his appeal in the Superior Court. His case Berg v Obama and DNC stated that according to the statements made by Sarah Obama, the paternal grandmother and other relatives of presidential candidate Barack Obama, he was born in Mombasa, Kenya and not in Hawaii, as he states, which means that he is not a natural born US citizen and therefore ineligible to be the president of the US. Additionally at the age of six, he moved with his mother to Indonesia and his school registration there shows him as an Indonesian citizen. Since Indonesia did not allow dual citizenship at the time, it means that Ann Dunham, Barack Obama’s mother had to relinquish his US citizenship in order to obtain Indonesian citizenship for him.

Federal judge Surrick has noted lack of standing in his decision, which necessitated the appeal to the Supreme Court. According to Judge Surrick, the proper plaintiff will be the congress and not a voter. Considering the fact that the congress is predominantly democratic and is craving to see the Democrat in the white house; the ordinary voters of this country have a better chance of being struck by the lightening, then expecting justice to be upheld and Congress voting to check eligibility of Barack Obama.

This situation has stirred some serious outrage among a large number of voters that decided to seek justice in the State courts, filing legal actions against Secretaries of States, demanding that those Secretaries of States check Obama’s eligibility and check his original birth certificate, that contains the name of the hospital and the name of the doctor and other documents.( the registry of life birth on Obama’s website was issued in 2007 and doesn’t contain much of the information that can be found on the original Birth Certificate from the hospital). 7 legal actions were filed in different states and plaintiffs found out that majority of States are not checking any documents, but rather have the candidates sign a form, where they certify that they are eligible and able to perform the duties of the president.

Hypothetically speaking Osama Bin Laden can sign one of these forms and run for President of the US, nobody would check his birth certificate or any other forms.

Ladies and gentlemen, please check your ballots, you never know who can pop up there.

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