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A Bleu Note: From The Eternal Buffet!

Bleu Notes...
Brother Bleu, aka Rev. Ken Bleu Campbell and Kenny Candela is a minister of the Gospel, a national innercity Street Evangelist, writer, author, musician, (Latin/Afro Cuban Percussionist instructor and performer) and music songwriter. He has been blessed to perform with many internationally acclaimed musicians such as Grammy Winner Arturo Sandoval, Two Time Grammy Nominee, East St. Lousian, Russell Gunn, Internationally Acclaimed Jazz songstress, Rebecca Paris, Palmetto Recording artist, and other tremendous world class musicians.
Ken also worked as assistant sports editor, weekly columnist, graphic layout artist, sales representative, and special events writer for the East St. Louis Monitor Newspaper 1988 -1992 in addition to being hired for comedian Steve Harvey as special events and Bio Writer and publicist in 1988 along with Harvey’s most productive personal manager, the late Juan Hull, which is Ken’s first cousin..
Ken also published and was the editor of two self published periodicals, Feeling Magazine in 1979 and the Urban Spirit Empowerment Reader 1999 to present. Kenneth is a dynamic, innovative, spiritually inclined man, that started his music ties as a percussionist with the popular R&B Group, “Soul Steel” in 1973 in Omaha, Nebraska while in the U.S. Air Force. Soul Steel played weekly for about 3 months at a venue called “Allen’s Showcase”. They were the opening act for the soon to be R&B icons “The Whispers”.
What I’ve learned from y 55 years of Experience in life. Anyone can argue with another concerning their beliefs and opinions, but no one can argue with your actual experiences..
What Goes Around Comes Around..
...The statement, “What Goes Around; Comes Around is a commonly uttered thing in all of the America‘s mainstream society, but is usually "favored" only when “somebody does somebody else wrong”. This “saying” is the essential definition of the biblical truth of, “God is not mocked, Whatever a person “sows” that will he also reap”. .(Galatians 6:7)
The truth of the matter is that if people really believed that “What goes around really does Come back around”, they would also know that this same principle can be exercised in a positive manner, on purpose, as well.
It is important to understand that this universal, eternal law of reaping and sowing as recorded in Galatians 6:7 is not a threat by God for “humanity to get there act right or else” as some religions purport, but rather a principle anyone can purposely initiate to ensure that what one “puts out”, they will attract back into their lives. .
This means that anyone can “sow” and “give” on purpose and expect a “return” in kind of what is given. The problem with this truth is that most people sow “accidentally” because they do not realize that there is such a law.
The simplicity of this task is that our part is to plant the “seeds” or giving and the “Universes” (Father Elohim) task is to see to it that the seeds sown grow and mature. But if the “seeds” sown and given are of a “negative” nature, these “seed” will still germinate and manifest as “weeds” and “negative” circumstances.
Due to the ignorance of this biblical truth, a great number of people reared in poverty and depravity have “Borrowed Substitute Beliefs such as, “If it were not for bad luck, I wouldn’t have "no" luck at all.” Unfortunately, this negative belief realm, like many others, have been "borrowed" and handed down through generations, accepted and continued in today's society. Those that did not know how to “sow on purpose” became victims of the same law that is responsible for attracting only what is “sown” or given. The law is so absolute that even money and other tangible objects are subject to it.
If one desired to increase their income, for example, they would begin to give financially to ministries or other constructive, benevolent organizations. This kind of giving is similar to planting vegetable seeds in a garden and expecting a later harvest. Luke 6:38
You will find what scripture defines as "self-righteous" people that desire to give their own way and may say they "expect" nothing back" when they give. But since the kingdom of God and life is based upon seed time and harvest, it would be foolish for a farmer to plant his seeds and not expect a harvest. Even the book of Acts in scripture validates that, "It is "more blessed" to give than receive" because the more seed you plant, the more recripricol crop or harvest you will have for more giving in order to continue the process. Proverbs 10:4
In terms of money, scripture makes it clear that "money without a mission is merely greed", and those that "expect nothing back from their giving" have missed the purpose of giving according to God's standard in the first place.
By applying this powerful principle in the area of attracting Love and Friendships, one need only to “give” (plant first) what one desires in return (later harvest). This principle never fails to multiply the exact “kind” and “spiritual level” of all actions, words, deeds, and thinking patterns “sown”. Ask yourself this question. Am I sowing on purpose by accident? Luke 6:38
LIVING FROM THE INSIDE- OUT.. Rather than living from the influences and circumstances in life…- "OUTSIDE-IN"
According to scripture, Your heart is your "inner-self talk" that Only God and you hear. Your heart is the "dream maker" of all the circumstances in your life. Whatever goes on in the "inside" of you", will manifest itself outwardly,either the "conversation within" is by accident or purpose.... Proverbs 4:23,
The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: Decide what you want and meditate (mutter) on it consistently. Wishing is just thinking about something randomly. Faith and and actually "Believing" is purposely thinking about a desire or aspiration consistently. Proverbs 29:18
Since What Goes around comes around, why not make sure that what you make “go around” is what you desire to come back to you? Galatians 6:7 Know that everyone reaps exactly what they sow both "inwardly" with their thought life, and "outwardly" with their choices and actions. It is obvious that most people sow by accident and therefore do not experience exactly what they want back.. Galatians 6:7
Feelings and Emotions are oftentimes big liars. Never make your decisions based upon how you “feel.” Make decisions based upon your commonsense, what's right, and what you will commit yourself to.. and remember, People never plan to fail, they just simply fail to plan.. Matt. 6:33
Life is just a mirror, and what you see out there, you must first see inside of you. Jer. 29:11
“Sometimes We Have to Go Out on a Limb because That’s where the Fruit is.” Mark 11:23,24

On the Question of Money and it’s purpose….
We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give. Luke 6:38
Whoever gives to the poor lends to the Lord and He has promised to repay.. Proverbs 19:17
Love is something we “Do”. For God so Love “He Gave”.. Whom do you love today? John 3:16
It is so obvious if a person says He or She respects and Loves people and respects God they will heed the wisdom in Scripture that teaches,
“Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also” Matthew 6:21.. If their is a respect of God (whom is Love 1 John 4:8), it will be validated in the sharing of one finances.. When the very “thing” that “sustains” our “well being” and a certain degree of “freedom”, is shared first and foremost, it seals” that their respect and humanity is genuine because scripture says that “Where there treasure is, you will also find their heart.
In the Same Way, those that network
should be willing to assist each other financially and support each others projects, aspirations, and events. Without this there is no true camaraderie or networking.. The very “thing” that “sustains” our “well being” and a certain degree of “freedom” when shared with others proves and “seals” that their friendship is genuine as well as sacrificial. Solomon quoted that money “answers all things” (because the lack of it has caused more poverty, goals and dreams dying, and increased hardships for people than any other thing.) Eccl. 10:19, Philippians 4:16 and 19..
You are an original and there will never be another you. Don’t be a copycat.. Psalm 139:14
Vows and Promises are made to be broken but commitment (faithfulness) can last a lifetime. Proverbs 25:13
Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. Choose Abundant life. It is free. John 10:10
Sometimes people are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within. I think that what God wants in your life could be on the other side of this world but wait because He can also turn the world upside down for you to find each other! This is exactly what happened to me in my life.. Jer. 29:11
The sooner we give,
The better we’ll come to know,
A Love of our own.
The longer it takes,
The better the love grows...
Abundant love in the seeds that have been sown.
When love has seemingly passed us by,
Here is something we should try,
Plant seeds of Love in the life of another
and we will discover that …Love comes easy.
A harvest is certainly on its way..,
as it is watered from day to day
If I can Say to somebody Else,
I Love You..,
I must be able to say
I love in you Everybody,
I love in you, the image of God ,
I love through you the world,
and from within me the Christ.
I love in you
also myself…
To love is to place our joy
into the joy of another.
The reason love never reaches it’s full potential
and lovers always get weary
is.. Their need to feel
can not reap nor attract a Love that’s real.
Love needs seeds that are sown,
Realizing a Love of its own,
every spring and summer of life..
Producing a healthy tree,
With new branches
and new leaves to cover the ground ..
Love is something we do,
And experience from the Love we extend,
There is no Love without God,
For God is Love,
The Beginning and the end,
In us expressed without fear,
Developing hearts that can hear,
Unlimited horizons awakened within,
From He that made you an I am,
But Remember this..
If nobody truly loves us…
We can be sure that it is our own Fault…
Ken Bleu…
Letters to Brother Bleu:
Brother Bleu, You have truly helped transform my life through your prophetic counseling, teachings, and intercessory prayer!!!!! I want to sow into you $1,000 to show my appreciation, and I wish I had more to share! It is in the mail now in a cashiers check so look for it. My Husband and I are grateful and will always support you ministry and aspirations… Love...
eternal buffet

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