Saturday, July 5, 2008

More Powers That Free! Freedom Justice And Liberty July 4,2008

On a day such as this as we settle in with our friends and families or attend the
town picnic, I ask that you pause and share a message with those you encounter
today. Remind those near you that in nations around the globe it is illegal to own
guns, it is illegal to speak freely, it is illegal to assemble peaceably. Remind them
that we pause our lives to celebrate freedom because our founders chose to no
longer live under the oppressive boot heel of tyranny.

My brothers and sisters in freedom I will share with you what happened to my
wife as she traveled yesterday. While entering the train station on her way
home she was greeted by throngs of yellow shirt clad police officers searching
everyone who chose to travel by train. No warrants. They pressured her to
submit to a search by asking, "Don't you want to be safe?"

As I type these words I well up with tears for the loss of the freedoms we once
shared. My heart is broken for this land. Now more than ever dear brothers
and sisters it is time to rise and resist this tyranny.

It is time to turn back the clock and remember why we fight. For some it is the
message Ron Paul spoke of during his campaign. For most it is the message
Aaron Russo left us with. The man who changed the lives of millions of
Americans and sparked a firestorm of freedom lives on in our daily struggle
to "keep our republic".

What have you done to keep the torch of liberty burning? Have you shared
America: Freedom to Fascism with someone? Have you shared Republic
Magazine? Have you forwarded emails? Have you donated to an organization?
Have you stood on a street corner in sub-zero temperatures just to hold a sign?

If you have no answer, then take that one moment today and remember why
we fight. That moment may be when you hear the Star Spangled Banner or
watch the sea of American flags pass you on the street. But I ask you this,
hold on to that moment and carry it with you for alone in the struggle for
freedom you are not.

We the People of Restore The Republic are right there next to you.

May this Independence Day be a glorious one.

Yours forever in Freedom and Truth,

Gary S. Franchi Jr.
National Director
Successor to Aaron Russo

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