Friday, November 7, 2008

A BLEU NOTE FROM BROTHER BLEU: Revelation Knowldege on the Newly Elected President Barack Obama

Revelation Knowledge on the Newly Elected President Barack Obama

After praying in the spirit (tongues) before the election, the Holy Spirit showed me the following on Barack Obama's presidency..

Despite the effort of displeased Christians to educate other believers that newly president elect U.S. president Barack Obama reportedly stood for partial birth abortion, many were disappointed and even appalled that Barack Obama won the election.

But whether or not these reports are true concerning the president's beliefs, there are other major issues of Obama's election that should be obvious and encouraging as well to the true believer in the power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Nearly every country celebrated the election of the first African American president in U.S history. A phenomenal spark of hope seemed to touch millions throughout the world, and people who don't even live in this country were acting as if they were radically touched and filled with the Holy Spirit, or won a huge lottery jackpot.

Even in America, people of all races, creeds, and colors celebrated into the wee hours of the morning together as the nation has ever witnessed before. From 5 years old to a 106 years old man, people cried, held hands, turned flips, danced, cooked and gave each other pies and cakes, partying themselves into a bliss oblivion this night.

Not since the celebration's and jubilation that nearly every Black American erupted into when O.J. Simpson was acquitted for murder during a nationally broadcast verdict in 1993 has the U.S. seen so many people erupt into a spark of cheers that encouraged hope, justice, and a better life, as the evening when Barack Obama was declared winner in the presidential election. The phenomenon is that this spark of hope expanded it's power outside our national borders to people of all ethnicities around the world.

The Word of God declares that, "These three abide Faith, HOPE, and Love but the greatest of these is Love, and that Hope makes us not ashamed because the "Love of God" is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost. Only these attributes according to scripture are eternal entities and always present in the earth and heaven. 1 Corinthians 13:13, Romans 5:4,5

One could say those that celebrated that night essentially showed love for each other so openly as has never been seen before in America's history. Hope is what sparked this Love.

Understand that all Hope comes from God and that there is no such thing as a "false hope." Satan comes not but to (distinctly) steal, kill, and destroy but God made hope and it will always abide and thrive throughout eternity together with faith and love. Hope is not designed to deceive and entice people, but is a genuine, powerful arm of God that is always victorious over adversities and obstacles. John 10:10

Black Americans are a product of the word hope. Where slavery, injustice, racism, and poverty were, hope defeated them soundly, and as a result, "one of their own" is now the president of the United States of America. At 56 years old and a Black man myself, I never thought that I would see the day that a "brother" would win the presidency during my lifetime. Millions of other Blacks, young and old in America ,share this same sentiment.

The irony in this election and complaining by Christians is that since America is considered a Christian nation to date, not one Black man was ever even given the acceptance, encouragement, or support to legitimately compete for this office for 200 years.

Black people have simply not been looked upon as an equal but was blatantly, systematically, and maliciously strategized into the lowest class citizenry in America, simply because of the color of his skin. Of course America does not want people to talk about that because that was the "past". Blacks were even brutally punished for just reading a book or looking at a white person in the eye, yet America was still considered a Christian nation.

Now that more people have the right to vote (younger generation, gays, etc), their collective vote and desire for "hope" aided the landslide win for Obama. Yet, if Christians would have practiced the Word of God in the past, the possibility of a Black man becoming president should have been more possible before the face of America's social structure became so openly rebellious and careless.

Christians never gave a Black man the chance to run for president (and every U.S. president had some major issues in their own lives) when it was in fact primarily a Christian nation. The Christian nation of America had no aspirations to support a Black man as president because it had a "kink" in its kingdom armor. It was not only a racist society but also the nation did not have a revelation in action and deed concerning the Love of God. Segregation and hatred validates this overwhelmingly.

Christians love walk was so empty that if they asked "sinners" to come to their church the person might reply , "Why would you ask me to go to your church? For what? So I can be in bondage like you.", because there certainly was no evidence in their lives that the power of Christ was legitimate.

Now these same that were offended at Christianity are the same people who now have the right to vote and they made the difference in this election. They did not know what Obama believed or even cared. They were just happy that "on the surface" America's bigotry and racism had been defeated, and that if there is hope for a Black man in America (slavery, the criminal justice system, racial profiling, lynching, educational issues, no major corporation owner, economic hardships, etc., etc), there must be hope for themselves also. There are very clever people around the world know the history of America and it's treatment of the Blacks, and they know that every other ethnicity the U.S. has wronged has received reparations, except Blacks in America.

Hopes ever eternal mission is to invite the lost to the only true hope in the world, Jesus Christ.
What to Do:

The Believers mission in this phenomenon of hope that has touched so many millions of lives is to pray (and release by faith in your words) that the hope generated will empower and blossom it's grace upon the hearts of the hopeful with the very substance of hope itself, which is God (Love).
Believers should take their rightful stand and release the substance in that "spark of hope", by speaking, decreeing, and declaring it to the hopeful, and the Grace itself contained within the hope will manifest the anointing of Jesus Christ into the individual lives of all those that have "received" this spark of hope. Mark 11:22,23

Obama may not be the Christian that others want him to be, but the hope that was clearly generated during this election absolutely validates the scripture, "Where sin does abound, Grace does much more." (Obama was a member of Dr. Jeremiah Wright's church in Chicago for 5 years with other celebrities, and if you know anything about Dr. Wright, an anointed, gifted Black Pastor, you know that Obama would not attend there if he did not have a genuine cause for the reality of Jesus Christ)

Hope is a powerful weapon in any form. God is doing something in this election but most professing Christians have no idea what it is. It is called Hope.. It is one of God's most powerful weapons within the atrocities of a self centered, sinned filled world .

The McCain team was tainted with inner turmoil because his choice for vice president did not agree with many of his policies. She even cried when they announced Obama as winner. Scripture teaches that, "a house divided against itself can not stand", and McCain's campaign seems to fit this description.

Additionally, consider that Obama's campaign was the largest dollar amount spent on a presidential campaign in U.S. history, and that the ingenious marketing efforts of Obama's support team for president was a large part of the landslide win. Pray in the spirit and the Holy Spirit will teach you all things.. 1 John 2:27

Good Ground Ministries, November 2008..

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James said...

This is a fascinating essay, and I really enjoyed reading it.

If I may ask, what did you mean by writing, "every other ethnicity the U.S. has wronged has received reparations, except Blacks in America."

The U.S. offered assistance to Native Americans for the wrongs done to them, although many would argue that assistance hardly amounted to reparations for what was done to their people. And those Japanese-Americans who were put into concentration camps in WWII were given compensation.

What other ethnicities have received reparations for the wrongs done to them?