Tuesday, November 18, 2008

That secret place in the heart! Freedom 08

Hello and good morning friends : Friends there is a secret place in all of our hearts that no mortal person or thing can fill. In this place dwells the most intimate hope of our being and, out of its wells, flows the rivers of our hopes, dreams and desires “At times” this place in our heart feels very much as a rose bud that waiting, hoping and yearning for its time to bloom! We look for ways to let it shine but often finds ourselves guarding its ever being! If you are feeling this understanding you are not alone! Friends this is that place in our heart where only God has put in us because he more than all desires our love and he alone has reversed the power and authority to dwell therein The only thing about this place in our heart, we hold the key that unlocks the wonders of our greatest of great desires for fulfillment! At time during this yearning in our heart we will sail the seven sea to seek to fulfill its yearning. Sometimes it seems as if we have or may quench it very unfulfilled cords of desire, through relationships, spending time have fun or jobs ,fame and other accomplishments only to realize that this yearning still exist! Friends if this is you I know how it be! The thing about knowing of this great desire; is that we hold the key and power to unlock the doors to fulfillment of it’s unyielding yearning. God in his great wisdom and majesty has place in all our hearts this place where only his love my dwell so through his companionship we may blossom as the beautiful roses that we are! May this day you unlock this door of your heart and find the wonderful quenching of God love forever more! Ask God to take the lead! Have a awesome filled day!
BY Gary Nobles
Hip Hope Project

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You gotta hear this 90 minute blogradio on why the media has a blackout of the looming Obama Birth Certificate Constitutional Crisis: