Monday, November 17, 2008

Our friends BLESSING for the season

Loves holiday
A time with the King: Our petition to the lover of our soul “T he most high” Lord let us commune: in your love for always and forever .Take our hand in MARRIAGE and lead us to know the deepest dimensions of the treasures of your love and impart unto us the power and authority to share with others. Gracious Father God make us to know your love in a way that far exceeds the secrets that you have reveal unto your prophets. Give us an unquenchable fire and thirst that never ends that makes us run to you for evermore , that we may know the riches of the glory of your love. Let us enter into the most highest secret of your being , that makes you love ,so we may choose to basks in the timelessness of what make you God “Our most intimate lover” Touch our minds with your hands of wisdom that leads us to that secret place in which Yhowshua die for. May we as your children accept your hand in this union of love forever and always.. May this love continue to grow for ever and always in the LORD...I now commit myself unto you LORD...Tell me what to do with my lives in the LORD, and...I will do it faithfully always and forever...I accept this hand in marriage unto the LORD...amen. God you are so lovely and I do feel in it the expectancy of a bride. Which is what we are; waiting for Yhowshua, our groom. When we will be carried away by our groom to Heaven. How glorious will that day be! T hank you Yhowshua for your love has broken in pieces the power of the enemy! Have a awesome week! Much love to all!

BY Friends
The Hip Hope Project

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