Monday, March 3, 2008

Comments About East St. Louis

Donna (Boyer) Juarez 28-Feb-2008 18:24

I lived in ESTL in the 1960's I lived at 716 N.16th St. which has long been torn down
I went to Longfellow Elementary School, which now in it's place is Miles Davis on N, 15th St. I would give anything to be able to come and walk through my old stomping grounds. I had such wonderful memories there. You have no idea how many times I wish I could turn back the clock just for one day and be a kid again in ESTL.I try to read everything I can and look at every picture I can find.I would love to have a picture of the area I mentioned and also a picture of the old Longfellow School, I'm willing to purchase these at a reasonable price if anyone can help me out.

Stay true to what you believe and I believe there is hope for East Saint Louis Illinois!!


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