Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Hip Hope Project

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

“We The People” of the Hip Hop Nation, Come this 17th day of March 2008 to claim our voice in this world that’s ours. We are here to prove once and for all that “We the HIP HOP NATION”, have a voice. Our voice is one that is over a BILLION loyal Hip Hoppers strong and growing at an uncontrollable rate every second of every day.

We are here together as one globally, to take whatever the necessary steps are to take control of our rights as citizens, our freedom and liberties as humans that are being taken away on a daily basis while we do nothing. We will no longer be ignored in any arena. Whether it be politics or investing into our future’s. We pledge to start treating our lives as a business and uplifting our culture globally. We will invest our own dollars in each others communities, no longer waiting for the powers that be to do the right thing.

If we do not take our futures into our own hands NOW we only have ourselves to blame when we have no future to leave to our next generation coming up behind us. We are the new leaders of this world and we need to come together NOW and take our roles. We spend over 780 BILLION Dollars a year on other people’s goods and services instead of our own. We can no longer keep making other people wealthy at our expense. The HIP HOP Community globally can rebuild each other’s communities. We also have the power to make the people that we have already made wealthy follow us or the risk losing our BILLIONS. Think about that. BILLIONS!! Who wants to lose that? Get It?


This project is our GLOBAL VOICE. “We the people” own and control this voice. This VOICE is over a BILLION people strong with our global connections. It has no color or gender. What it does have is the ability to make global change in each others lives. The HIP HOPE PROJECT allows us to communicate with each other from any where in the world. This creates the power and leverage we need together to make the necessary changes to this world for our future’s and of those behind us. How can we leave this world to our next generation the way it is now and expect them to make changes if WE do nothing? This question must be answered by us and by us only. Who has this answer? The Hip Hope Project does. The answer is MAKE CHANGE NOW!!

We will be networking with each other the way we know best. Our music, and our videos will be our communication avenues to let each other know globally what needs to be done, and what is already being done. We will be producing our new leaders from the efforts of their commitment to doing the right thing and making a big difference to our lives. This position is open to anyone of us. All you have to do is get in where you fit in. Take a lead role and people will see where they fit in. It is up to us.

We are going to make positive changes in everyone’s daily lives because that’s what our music and video’s can do. Failure in this movement is not an option. If we give up on our rights, our communities will suffer and so will our kids. New entrepreneurs will rise from this movement making a way for others to come. Here’s an opportunity for anyone to step up to the plate. Stop talking about what’s wrong and start doing whatever it takes to make it right. It’s not a COLOR THING. IT’S THE RIGHT THING…

That’s what HIP HOPE is all about: It’s for all people to get what is theirs now. Don’t wait on it to come to you. Get with others and go to it…

Get involved NOW!! http://www.hiphopeproject.com

Please send us an email today: hiphopeproject@gmail.com

We look forward to meeting and helping new people.

Antonio Cook

You can’t afford to sit down any longer and be told what you can and can not do. We together have a chance at a better world for you and for me. Meet you in E. Saint Louis May 2nd for the biggest HIP HOPE PROJECT kickoff ever. Watch how “We the People” rebuild E. St. Louis’s Dreams of HOPE.

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