Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"Ease" by Ralph Buckley

Ralph Buckley - a supporter of this Hip Hope vision - wrote:


A time 4 reflection...the best of times...& the worst...like Dickens said. For some the world has become a paradise...for others...a living hell... This song reflects that all to human trait of 'not knowing'.... Uncertainty. ...and the hopeless desire to be reassured that you're on the right track & that everything is going 2 b alright.

There are those that whenever or however tragedy will come....they are always strong & reassuring. Against all hope...they will give aid and comfort. ...but sometimes even the unbroken must break. It is unnerving to witness what was once strong...become weak.

So in this vulnerable moment...I ask the source to 'ease my worried mind'...because I have become troubled.

There are definite patterns and cycles that I can attribute to my own experience. Through this discovery of awakening I have become aware of many things. I can and do become angered & obsessed with the murder & mindless ignorance that are 2 b witnessed at any given time on a short viewing of CNN. I can see that in any direction that I turn that things are falling apart.....very rapidly. I can see that there is no real solution. (Ron Paul decided to step down yesterday. But we mustn't be upset with him...he has achieved much more then most realize. He just pointed the finger...it is up 2 all of us....together & individually to make the journey. To keep on reaching for the goal.)

The next identifiable part of the pattern is the healing. Consciousness. Meditation. To free myself from this 'fear'. This 'fear-hold' that I seem to keep getting myself stuck in. I keep on going back to CNN & the news and when I do my fear becomes reinvented...like new. But eventually I find my way back in need of healing again. (though sometimes the intervals of being stuck in this 'fear' seem infinite. It's like I must be 'reborn' several times a day.)

But the trick of this back & forth play...that is occurring over and over...is that in these brief moments of quiet & calm...(the shutting down of thought) is this undeniable feeling that we are all apart of something so much bigger then 'this'. That we exist in a way that has, in the scope of things, very little to do with this 'body' or this 'space & time'. Consciousness exists & has no physical restraints at all. Perhaps soon we'll open our 3rd eye, if u like, and find that we are like one very large family. Connected in a way that had yet 2 b conceived of.....there are those, even within my own family who think that this way of thinking is irresponsible & delusional. But...inevitably...I've lost contact.

...though it would seem that all will be lost...we will never lose the self.





vYouTube - Ease

Editor's Note:
Ralph Buckley, an incredibly talented musician who hails from Seattle, is at the very cutting introspective spiritual edge of this revolution that is reshaping our planet. We look forward to having his voice and great energy on our calls going forward and we look forward to the day - hopefully very soon - when he can play for us in person at a Hip Hope Freedom Liberty Festival somewhere in America.

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