Monday, March 10, 2008

Hope Anthem

Editor's Note: Marc Scibilia is one of hundreds of musicians from around the country who has offered to support the vision of the Hip Hope Project - ie. a true restoration of the blessings of freedom and liberty here in America. All of the audio-music tracks of the Hope Anthem have been donated to an initiative called "Open Source Track" which is a revolutionary way to create and distribute music. From the OST website:

Welcome to the Open Source Track (OST) initiative

OST is about bringing freedom of creativity to musicians and their music. The artist of an OST track has agreed to make some or all of their tracks open source, or at a greatly reduced copyright control. This means that not only can you download the fully produced track for free, but the track's written score, guitar tab charts and the pre-mixed individual instrument tracks. OST tracks may be used for any noncommercial purpose without additional license. The artist retains the copyright to their music, and still collects royalties if the song is used commercially. Live performance of OST tracks does not count as commercial use.

Budding musicians can forget about sidestepping around copyright issues when swapping music and guitar tabs by using OST tracks.

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