Sunday, March 23, 2008

Miles Davis-Freddie Freeloader

Editor's Note: Hi, my name is "Fred" and as a co-founder of the Hip Hope Project - thanks to Gary Nobles, Antonio Cook, Kenny Campbell et. al. - I just wanted to share a short story about the fact that when I was a very little boy in Battle Creek Michigan my mother used to tell me that I used to always smile and say to people "Hi! I'm Freddie The Freeloader!!!" I never knew until this morning where that phrase came from, much less the fact that it inherent in it was a musical seed that connects me to East St. Louis through the music of Miles Davis! My parents, especially my father who loved jazz, must have sprinkled East St. Louis musical stardust in my ears from a very young age.

My father - who passed away in 1996 - must be viewing this video right now with his spiritual eyes for at the time I watched this video it had been viewed 3384 times which is the exact number of days to June 28, 2017, which will be my parent's 66th wedding anniversary. Without them there wouldn't be a "Freddie The Freeloader" memory in my/their life! How wonderous is the Divine Order and Providence of our Lord God Jesus Christ! Happy Easter Sunday to all!!

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